Mr. Holland’s Opus

A beautiful and touching story about a composer (Richard Dreyfuss) whose dream is to make his living by creating music and ultimately his own opus. However, life has other plans for him. We meet Mr. Holland on his first day as a high school music teacher in the early 1960's. He rushes home every day … Continue reading Mr. Holland’s Opus


Maxwell Perkins (Colin Firth) edited Hemingway's and Fitzgerald's books, and besides his admiration, he became their friend. Naturally, the same happened when Thomas Wolfe (Jude Law) walked into his office one New York ordinary day in 1929. Expecting to hear the usual dreadful words from the editor: "we regret to inform you we're not interested", … Continue reading Genius

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

In the distant future (maybe not too distant now), earth's climate causes catastrophic events in many cities on the planet; millions die of hunger. Some governments begin strictly restricting human reproduction. As a result, robots become the replacement for children in many homes, and are used for many other functions. A new model of artificial … Continue reading A.I. Artificial Intelligence


Not for the faint of heart, this is a violent film about survival. In a pre-Columbian Central American jungle, Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood) lives peacefully with his tribe until a surprise attack by a gang of brutal Mayan warriors destroy his village. They kill his father and most of his friends, but managing to survive, … Continue reading Apocalypto

Soldier Blue

Cresta Maribel Lee (Candice Bergen) was kept by the Cheyenne Natives for two years. Now on a wagon escorted by Union soldiers, she is heading to Fort Reunion to join her awaiting fiance when suddenly the convoy is attacked. In the turmoil, she is able to escape and hides behind some bushes by a hillside. … Continue reading Soldier Blue


Here is a story about love, fate, manipulation, religious zeal, sacrifices and disappointment. Set in the 1800's, the story of Abner (Max Von Sydow) and Jerusha (Julie Andrews) is one of the best acclaimed novels by author James Michener. Jerusha loves Rafe (Richard Harris), a sailor who's been out to sea for too long. His … Continue reading Hawaii


Based on his book, here's the true story of convict Henri Charriere. Sentenced to life in the penal colony of French Guyana in the early 1930's, Papillon (French for butterfly) (Steve McQueen), as he was called because of his tattoo, is determined to escape the cruelest prison system of his times and pays a high … Continue reading Papillon

The Theory of Everything

In 1963, Steven Hawking (Eddie Redmayne), a brilliant young astrophysicist is enjoying his time at Cambridge, England, where he lives a physically active life while getting ready to present his thesis about a single equation that could define the Universe. At this crucial time, he meets Jane (Felicity Jones) who is studying Spanish Medieval Poetry. … Continue reading The Theory of Everything

The Vietnam War

Fear is an emotion capable of producing salvation or destruction. In the case of the Vietnam War, as this documentary series demonstrates, fear caused the latter. The fear that other nations in the East (besides China, the Soviet Union, and North Korea) would adopt Communism as their political system and influence others nearby caused a … Continue reading The Vietnam War

Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence (Peter O'Toole) and the men riding camels next to him had just crossed a vast and brutal desert. Nobody wants to go back to look for one of their own men left behind. They believe is that man's fate. Lawrence refuses to believe that and considers the possibility to save the man even if … Continue reading Lawrence of Arabia