The Vietnam War


Fear is an emotion capable of producing salvation or destruction. In the case of the Vietnam War, as this documentary series demonstrates, fear caused the latter. The fear that other nations in the East (besides China, the Soviet Union, and North Korea) would adopt Communism as their political system and influence others nearby caused a … Continue reading The Vietnam War

Before Night Falls


Based on poet Reinaldo Arenas' autobiography, this 2000 film by director Julian Schnabel exposes what it was like for a homosexual dissident writer to live under political persecution in Cuba two decades after Fidel Castro took power. His most known phrase referred to the fact that under Communism "they kick your ass and expect you … Continue reading Before Night Falls

The Inner Circle


Filmed entirely in the now defunct Soviet Union in 1991, now Russia again, and based on real events, this film shows how life was for Ivan Saushin (Tom Hulce) and his dear wife Anastasia (Lolita Davidovich) more than twenty years after the Communist Revolution inspired their whole nation. It's 1939. The young loving couple live … Continue reading The Inner Circle

Born On The Fourth Of July

Ron Kovic' story (played by Tom Cruise) is brought to life with heartbreaking and compelling force and is accompanied with great cinematography and music in this film directed by Oliver Stone in 1989. The movie shows how Ron's life changes dramatically after enrolling in the Marines and eventually going to the Vietnam war. He had … Continue reading Born On The Fourth Of July

Top 5 Relevant Documentaries -Summer 2019


THE FOG OF WAR (2003) You've probably have heard about "fake news", but have you heard about "fake wars?" In this film by director Errol Morris, former secretary of state Robert McNamara explains in details the intricacies of the Vietnam War, including how it was provoked and almost manufactured. Why America has always got be … Continue reading Top 5 Relevant Documentaries -Summer 2019


It's 1947, and after the Nazis have been defeated, a new enemy has been found lurking in America's shadows: communism. Just like in the old times in Salem, another type of witch hunt begins. Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston), one of Hollywood's top writers, is among the victims. After someone calls him "traitor" in public, he … Continue reading Trumbo

The Fog of War

OR ELEVEN LESSONS FROM THE LIFE OF ROBERT McNAMARA This documentary made in 2003 traces the life of a troubled man. With mixed feelings of regret, guilt, and urgency to publicly confess, yet restraining his political opinions, the once called architect of the Vietnam War, Robert S. (the middle initial stands for Strange) McNamara, tells … Continue reading The Fog of War