The Queen of Versailles


Although its title is attractive enough, this 2012 documentary by Lauren Greenfield could also have been called "Back To Reality." Jacqueline and David Siegel are wealthy Floridians who are parents to eight children. She is 43 years old, he is 74. They both come from middle class backgrounds. David is the founder and owner of … Continue reading The Queen of Versailles

Grave of the Fireflies


In September 21, 1945, Seita (voiced by Robert Spencer), a Japanese adolescent begins remembering from the afterlife how he and his little sister Setsuko (Corinne Orr) tried to survive, both the bombing of their town by American planes and its aftermath. After the Empire of Japan surrendered, the protagonists faced hunger, illness, and the cold … Continue reading Grave of the Fireflies

Lust for Life


One of the greatest stories on film, this is the story of painter Vincent van Gogh. Directed by Vicente Minelli in 1956, was passionately played by Kirk Douglas. The story begins by showing us how this young man tried to find his destiny and calling by enrolling as a missionary. At first, the strict church … Continue reading Lust for Life

Young Frankenstein


Silly, juvenile, and funny, extremely funny is director Mel Brook's 1974 parody of 1931 classic film Frankenstein. Here's a comedy that has endured the test of time. Gene Wilder plays Dr. Frankenstein, grandson of Victor, the mad scientist who was able to bring life to a corpse many years before. Back at his grandfather's original … Continue reading Young Frankenstein

Born On The Fourth Of July

Ron Kovic' story (played by Tom Cruise) is brought to life with heartbreaking and compelling force and is accompanied with great cinematography and music in this film directed by Oliver Stone in 1989. The movie shows how Ron's life changes dramatically after enrolling in the Marines and eventually going to the Vietnam war. He had … Continue reading Born On The Fourth Of July



American Pastoral

Writer Nathan Zuckerman (David Strathairn) stares with nostalgia at photos and trophies displayed in the main hall of his old high school. After many years away, he has come back to attend the 45th reunion of the class of 1951. Looking at the pictures, he remembers his old-time friend Seymor Levov (Ewan McGregor) whom everyone … Continue reading American Pastoral

When They See Us

Only a word I can use to describe this miniseries: POWERFUL!