The Most Meaningful Lyrics I Have Heard


This is just my personal list I want to share with all, not "the Ten Commandments", no hierarchy involved. Choose the best, explore the rest, share yours if you please. I'll appreciate to learn and hear great lyrics I still don't know. To all the songwriters and performers: Thank you for the music. These are … Continue reading The Most Meaningful Lyrics I Have Heard

The Best Music Movies And Documentaries


MOVIES Love And Mercy (2014)Amadeus (1984)Cadillac Records (2008)Drumline (2002)The Music Lovers (1971)Ray (2004)El Cantante (2006)Selena (1997)Hendrix (2000)Elvis (2005)Great Balls Of Fire (1989)Nowhere Boy (2010)The Buddy Holly Story (1978)Shine (1996)The Music Never Stopped (2011)Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)Bird: Charlie Parker (1988)La Bamba (1987)Mo' Better Blues (1990)The Doors (1991)Get On Up (2014)The Jazz Singer (1980)Pirate Radio (2009)Why Do Fools … Continue reading The Best Music Movies And Documentaries

All You Need is Ears III


INDIA In the western world, many of us have come to be inspired by and appreciate India's best classical music thanks to The Beatles' musical curiosity and courage. They introduced the sitars' sound (just like earlier they had used the Cuban bongos on "Till There Was You" and "And I love Her") on "Norwegian Wood", … Continue reading All You Need is Ears III

All You Need Is Ears II


ITALY Yes, love is overrated and inflated, but still, love is all we need; even if it's just a dream, it's worthy. Remember your first? Unforgettable. Love songs are not the same today. Neither is love, although there are love songs that never die, no matter how our current "modern" innovations have changed our social … Continue reading All You Need Is Ears II

All You Need is Ears


A LITTLE RANT ABOUT "MY" MUSIC AND LIFE I've loved music since I was 5 years old. I wasn't born with the talent to play it, but I'm a devoted fan. I used to spend hours listening to my uncle's Soviet- made short wave radio while sitting at my home porch, back in Cuba, my … Continue reading All You Need is Ears

Stadium Tantrum

It was 40 years ago (July 12, 1979) when Steve Dahl, a Chicago DJ, at Bridegeport's Comeskey Park, led thousands of white anti-disco young people chanting "Disco Sucks", burning, and breaking disco records in what has been called: "the night that Disco died." When the media asked him the reasons of his crusade, Steve said … Continue reading Stadium Tantrum

A.K.A Doc Pomus


Have you ever wondered who wrote this or that melody? What was the author's inspiration? What may have influenced a particular song? In the case of this documentary, you'll learn about a particular songwriter who few know, but many know his songs and enjoyed them throughout the years. American songwriting bloomed in the mid 50's … Continue reading A.K.A Doc Pomus

The Rolling Stones: Ole, Ole, Ole! A Trip Across Latin America


I was video hunting for something to watch that could keep me awake after a hard day at work on Friday night. After a few bad choices that didn't do the trick, half-asleep, I stumbled upon this music documentary from 2016. Wow! This was better than 3 cups of Cuban coffee! From the first scenes … Continue reading The Rolling Stones: Ole, Ole, Ole! A Trip Across Latin America

John Lennon: Living On Borrowed Time

It's almost 40 years after John's assassination and many people still ponder the "what ifs" about his life. What if he would have returned to live in England before Dec. 8, 1980? Would he still be involved in music today? In politics? This beloved musician left behind not only his great influence, songs and talent, … Continue reading John Lennon: Living On Borrowed Time

The Beatles Anthology


This 1995 documentary miniseries is the definitive historical account of the most influential rock band of the twentieth century. John, George, Paul, Ringo, and their producer George Martin among others, take us step by step to the birth of The Beatles, passing through the good and the bad, and arriving at their last collaboration: Free … Continue reading The Beatles Anthology