The Bridges of Madison County

Directed and starred by Clint Eastwood in 1995 and with Meryl Streep's moving performance, this film is much more than an extra-marital affair. This film is about life itself and the choices we make. Francesca is an Italian housewife living with her husband and two teenage children in the Iowa countryside. She feels her life … Continue reading The Bridges of Madison County


Eleven years after Cromwell's puritan rule, in 1660's London, Charles II is restored as the King of England. Doctor Robert Merivel (Robert Downey Jr.) is a very busy and frustrated physician. He is also a man who spends his nights and money in parties and prostitutes. Nevertheless, he is not happy. John Pearce (David Thewlis), … Continue reading Restoration

The Godfather Trilogy

Even when these three films are categorized by many as just a great gangster saga, they are more than just that. They are about the disintegration and tragedy of an immigrant Italian family. Director Francis Ford Coppola, with a remarkable cast, recreates the story of Michael Corleone and his family from the Mario Puzo's novel. … Continue reading The Godfather Trilogy


The Revisited 2007 version of this film is, in my opinion, one of the most underappreciated in movie history. Maybe because of its controversial director (Oliver Stone) or because of its frank and open sexuality shown at the time, this final cut, released after the theatrical version, hasn't been as widely accepted as Braveheart for … Continue reading Alexander

Thanks for Sharing

Here's a story about addiction and the fragile process of recovery. Most people would relate those words with drugs and alcohol. In this case, it's about sexual addiction. Although questioned and doubted to be a "real" addiction, sexual compulsion has become a common, stigmatized, and unconventional behavior. Director Stuart Blumberg takes us through the routines … Continue reading Thanks for Sharing

Wrestling Ernest Hemingway

Frank (Richard Harris) is a lonely 75-year old retired sea captain living in Florida. Sitting on a bench park, he tries to start a conversation with another senior sitting across from him, but the fellow is immersed in solving a crossword puzzle and pays no attention to his small talk. Frank has stories to share, … Continue reading Wrestling Ernest Hemingway

Before Night Falls

Based on poet Reinaldo Arenas' autobiography, this 2000 film by director Julian Schnabel exposes what it was like for a homosexual dissident writer to live under political persecution in Cuba two decades after Fidel Castro took power. His most known phrase referred to the fact that under Communism "they kick your ass and expect you … Continue reading Before Night Falls

Pawn Sacrifice

Regina Fischer (Robin Weigert), a Russian Jew emigre raising her two children by herself in Brooklyn, New York, and her anti-establishment acquaintances are being watched. Bobby, her son, is growing up in this environment, but his refuge and passion is the game of chess. He's so good at chess that soon, he begins to play … Continue reading Pawn Sacrifice


In 1995, South Africa was a nation wounded by many years of institutionalized racism and segregation,and although still divided, elected its first black president: Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman). His new government introduced a new flag and national anthem which appeared to divide the population even more. Most whites wanted to hold on tight to their … Continue reading Invictus

Lust for Life

One of the greatest stories on film, this is the story of painter Vincent van Gogh. Directed by Vicente Minelli in 1956, was passionately played by Kirk Douglas. The story begins by showing us how this young man tried to find his destiny and calling by enrolling as a missionary. At first, the strict church … Continue reading Lust for Life