Grave of the Fireflies

In September 21, 1945, Seita (voiced by Robert Spencer), a Japanese adolescent begins remembering from the afterlife how he and his little sister Setsuko (Corinne Orr) tried to survive, both the bombing of their town by American planes and its aftermath. After the Empire of Japan surrendered, the protagonists faced hunger, illness, and the cold … Continue reading Grave of the Fireflies

Thanks for Sharing

Here's a story about addiction and the fragile process of recovery. Most people would relate those words with drugs and alcohol. In this case, it's about sexual addiction. Although questioned and doubted to be a "real" addiction, sexual compulsion has become a common, stigmatized, and unconventional behavior. Director Stuart Blumberg takes us through the routines … Continue reading Thanks for Sharing

Before Night Falls

Based on poet Reinaldo Arenas' autobiography, this 2000 film by director Julian Schnabel exposes what it was like for a homosexual dissident writer to live under political persecution in Cuba two decades after Fidel Castro took power. His most known phrase referred to the fact that under Communism "they kick your ass and expect you … Continue reading Before Night Falls