About Of Movies And Lives

This is a site created with the purpose of serving as a guide to a group of movies, documentaries, and miniseries that not only provide us with entertainment, but also with stories of emotional and intellectual transcendence.

I came up with the idea after frustrating hours of hunting for a good movie to watch on a Saturday night. When I finally decided, after watching a trailer and reading the short and vague description, I found out at the end, I had wasted valuable time on something that was not really about what the trailer seemed, much less about what the description promised.

So after countless hours of meaningless watching, I began to compile certain type of films that do appeal to our intellect and emotions; some have been overlooked or dismissed by mainstream critics, and others forgotten by the general audiences. Of course, I’ve included many favorite movies that you are probably familiar with. However, my main focus is to concentrate on those films that stay in your mind and heart long after the end credits roll.

In this website, you’ll find dedicated pages to most important movie genres: dramas, westerns, and science-fiction among others. Now, there are as many movies as genres and sub-genres that make the simple pleasure of watching a good movie an almost impossible task when you have to choose (have you ever fallen asleep while flipping thru the countless options?). The groups of movies I’ve included make it easier to choose, if you are looking for that certain type of movie or documentary. I chose not to include descriptions or summaries on these (the lists), but rather only on my weekly posts about other movies not included in these dedicated pages.

My weekly reviews are ideal for the movie enthusiast and they will lead you to my website pages according to the genre of the review. I tried to keep them simple and concise. Without spoiling the ending or giving away too much detail, or focusing on awards or popularity, I highlight the main themes, the story lines, and the life lessons from these unforgettable films.

Ranging from movies made in the 1950’s through today, and covering various themes from heroism, to moral dilemmas, divided loyalties, ingenuity, and tortured consciences just to mention a few, with these films I mean to highlight some interesting historical characters and the writers behind their stories. As something extra, I will also write about other subjects, specifically music. That’s why one of the pages is called OF MUSIC AND LIVES. I hope that my posts about movies, music, and lives be an insightful and practical guide.

May OF MOVIES AND LIVES be your chosen companion in your home theater or entertainment room! Welcome!

Salvador Casanova