5 Eye-Opening Documentaries

The following documentaries have the potential of changing your life:


This extraordinary informative and funny documentary deals with the M word. This is the word people don’t want to admit to, feel ashamed by, and chastise others for. What word is that? Murder? Not. Money? Nah. Masturbation! Still taboo, still unspoken, still the cause of teenage angst and grown up denial. Through news clips and interviews with experts, educators, religious leaders, psychologists, health authorities, proponents, and doomsayers, this film exposes the myths, misconceptions, and scandals related to masturbation, a word even Hugh Hefner stayed away from. This is the word and subject that caused a U.S. General Surgeon to be fired by a very bashful President. Frankly graphic, this documentary gives you the good, the bad, and the ugly about the feared M word.

2. RELIGULOUS (2008)

Comedian Bill Maher, explores the excesses, non-sense, and dangers of organized and not so organized religion. He doesn’t shy away from meeting Christians, Jewish, and Muslims alike, and he tries to negotiate our 21st century realities to their ancient beliefs. In this case, no matter what I could describe, you got to see it to believe it.


Twenty years and many other tragedies later, this documentary is still relevant. We still have the same type of massacres, victims, and killers. Nothing has changed since Columbine. Maybe the motives now are more politically or racially motivated, but the tools are still the same: guns. They are still out there, available to anyone who can come up with a motive.

In the land “of the free and home of the brave”, we still bow down to fear, and treasure our sacred guns that kill our sons and daughters. If you’ve never watched this raw piece of historical documentary, you should. If you have, watch it again. Think hard, speak up, and vote your conscience every time you get the chance.


Australian Joe Cross is 41 years old, overweight, sick, and a walking dead (he is at the edge of having a heart attack anytime!) But he has a plan, and begins a journey through American cities where he meet others suffering the same way. He applies his method to recover his health and we watch how his progress inspires us all to live the way we were born to: free from the chains junk food, malnutrition, and unhealthy lifestyles have enslaved us one meal at a time.


Actor Joe Pantoliano directs and participates in this very personal documentary about the struggle millions of people suffer under the oppressing force of anxiety and depression. Although this disease affects all ages and he interviews all types of people, Pantoliano concentrates on the younger victims: teenagers who despair, self-medicate and hurt themselves even attempting suicide to escape this pain.

If you or any loved one suffers from depression, watching this film will provide you the relief of knowing that it’s a lie to think you’re the only one suffering, it’s a mind deception. The shame and social stigma attached to mental health issues will lose its grip when you watch and realize this problem is like any other disease suffered by many others in your community, city, country, continent, world. If you’re fortunate enough to never have dealt with these issues, watching this courageous documentary made by someone who suffers from this ailment, will make you feel even more grateful and appreciative of your own health.

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