The Theory of Everything

In 1963, Steven Hawking (Eddie Redmayne), a brilliant young astrophysicist is enjoying his time at Cambridge, England, where he lives a physically active life while getting ready to present his thesis about a single equation that could define the Universe. At this crucial time, he meets Jane (Felicity Jones) who is studying Spanish Medieval Poetry. Although they differ in their basic beliefs: he is an Atheist, she is a Christian, they fall in love.

Their story together almost doesn’t happen. Steven is diagnosed with motor neuron disease, better known in America as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and the doctors give him only two years of life. He is told that all his muscles will lose movement while his brain will remain intact. Steven hides from Jane and the world. She finds him and marries him, even his father warns her about the short life that awaits them together.

This is the beginning of the extraordinary true story of an extraordinary couple. They had three children. Steven lived longer than predicted, published important scientific books, and every time he spoke from his wheelchair with an electronically produced voice, he became a symbol of inspiration to all who have felt the weight and the unfairness of life.

The outstanding factor of this 2014 film is the superb acting by Eddie Redmayne whose graceful portrayal revealed some of the indefatigable character and beautiful mind of this genius.

See also with Eddie Redmayne: The Danish Girl (2015)

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