Top 5 Relevant Documentaries -Summer 2019


You’ve probably have heard about “fake news”, but have you heard about “fake wars?” In this film by director Errol Morris, former secretary of state Robert McNamara explains in details the intricacies of the Vietnam War, including how it was provoked and almost manufactured. Why America has always got be to involved in wars? He doesn’t pretend to answer this and other questions, but you might come to your own educated conclusions after watching this riveting documentary. If only we would learn from history!


If you haven’t watched the powerful miniseries When They See Us by director Ava Duvarney (Selma) or heard about it, you might want to watch this documentary first. The great documentarian Ken Burns (The Civil War, Baseball, Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson, The Vietnam War) along with his daughter Sarah, and son-in-law David McMahon put their usual microscopically detailed analysis on the injustice committed against five teenagers accussed of an evil act. You will watch news clips from that period (early 90’s) and feel the outrage of people in New York claiming for vengeance (a lynch mentality straight from the darkest and worst pages of American history), an outrage not shown against the authorities when the 5 are exonerated thanks only to the guilty conscience of the actual perpetrator who confessed putting in the open the unfair and biased police work. You will also notice the pain of all involved including the relatives and activists who went out to protest what they already knew: the kids’ innocence.

(Not to be missed: the “indignation” of certain millionaire who demanded the death penalty for the teenagers and who sits today in the White House).


Director Lauren Greenfield (The Queen of Versailles) examines along with her own life, the illusions and pathologies of our modern lives, the excesses and losses in a society that’s feeding a new generation with the wrong message about life, connections, meaning.

FARENNHEIT 11/9 (2018)

Not only Michael Moore has used humor brilliantly to make his points across in all his documentaries (Bowling For Columbine, Farennheit 9/11, Capitalism: A Love Story, Where To Invade Next, but he has also called our attention to aspects in our politics ignored conveniently by the mainstream corporate media. In this film, he analyses the rise of the current administration and the reasons why the opposition failed in keeping the Presidency.


Could a simple young waitress become a U.S Congresswoman even if she doesn’t have the financial backing traditional politicians have? Watch and learn. You might have heard about her, probably in negative and scary terms (“the socialist boogeywoman”) spread around by the status quo as a protective measure to control the public opinion. Now you have the chance to know more about her real life. I’m talking about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, of course, also known lately as AOC. Watch her and others race the impossible race to make a change for the benefit of those Americans who need it the most. Directed by young Rachel Lears.

(Not to be missed: the dynamic version of the Woody Guthrie‘s song: This Land is Your Land by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings).

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