It's 1947, and after the Nazis have been defeated, a new enemy has been found lurking in America's shadows: communism. Just like in the old times in Salem, another type of witch hunt begins. Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston), one of Hollywood's top writers, is among the victims. After someone calls him "traitor" in public, he … Continue reading Trumbo


30 de junio de 1981 Querida abuela: Hacia tiempo no te escribia porque he estado demasiado entretenido. Te acuerdas que la ultima vez te habia dicho que ibamos a visitar una iglesia griega que nos quedaba cerca? Pues bien, ese domingo fuimos y alli conocimos a un americano que se hizo amigo de nosotros y … Continue reading PANAMA QUERERTE 6

The Fog of War

OR ELEVEN LESSONS FROM THE LIFE OF ROBERT McNAMARA This documentary made in 2003 traces the life of a troubled man. With mixed feelings of regret, guilt, and urgency to publicly confess, yet restraining his political opinions, the once called architect of the Vietnam War, Robert S. (the middle initial stands for Strange) McNamara, tells … Continue reading The Fog of War


18 de mayo de 1981. Querida abuela: Despues de lo que te conte la semana pasada, mis padres decidieron cometer un pecadillo, secreto de familia. Esto que te voy a contar no lo pueden saber las tias de Miami porque nos moririamos de verguenza. Mis padres compraron un televisor chico blanco y negro, portatil que … Continue reading PANAMA QUERERTE 5

John Lennon: Living On Borrowed Time

It's almost 40 years after John's assassination and many people still ponder the "what ifs" about his life. What if he would have returned to live in England before Dec. 8, 1980? Would he still be involved in music today? In politics? This beloved musician left behind not only his great influence, songs and talent, … Continue reading John Lennon: Living On Borrowed Time

Priceless Simpsons

Since they first appeared on our TVs on December 1989, The Simpsons have stretched their irreverent comedy conquering viewers all over the world for now three decades. At that time, religious zealots (including myself) saw the show as just another threat to American family values. These yellow characters were far from the ones we've come … Continue reading Priceless Simpsons


14 de mayo de 1981 Querida abuela: Espero que todos esten bien por alla. Te cuento que por poco no hacemos el cuento despues de la ultima carta que te hice. Fue mi culpa, por mi insistencia y afan. Tu sabes que siempre me ha fascinado el cine y las peliculas, que desde chiquito las … Continue reading PANAMA QUERERTE 4


Philomena (Judi Dench) has been carrying a painful memory for almost fifty years. When she was just a teenager, her father, ashamed of her pregnancy, sent her to an abbey run by nuns for young single mothers. There, without her consent, her son was given up for adoption and she lost contact with him. After … Continue reading Philomena


7 de Mayo de 1981 Querida abuela: Hace poco nos mudamos a otro lugar mas barato. Es un edificio de varias plantas llamado Galeria. Esta frente a una de las calles principales por donde circula el transito constantemente. Parece que aqui viven varias "damas de la noche", como algunos les llaman. Las tias de mi … Continue reading PANAMA QUERERTE 3

Where Do You Get Your Movies From?

Three Options: Digital Signal, Physical, and Digital Media. Digital Signal (TV Channels). Provided by satellite and cable companies, the movie channels vary greatly in names, not so much in content. Pros: Depending on the provider, the quality of images and sound can be almost perfect; you don't have to worry about choosing among so many … Continue reading Where Do You Get Your Movies From?