How to Make the Most of Your Movie Watching

With the availability of movies to be watched anywhere, anytime, come the question of which is the best way to do it.

Now, we can watch movies on laptops, tablets, and even our cellphones. We watch on planes, trains, and automobiles; on sea cruises, at parks, you name it. Where there’s people, there are movies. Still, the best place to watch is in a dedicated space, free of interruptions and other distractions; a place where you can immerse in the experience and achieve the movie watching ultimate goals: escape to a new reality, travel through time, learn and experience other lives. Sorry, but you can’t do this watching your cellphone screen or laptop. So far, the most reliable medium for this purpose is a screen wide enough, an enveloping sound, and a comfortable dark room where you can choose from a variety of equipment to bring forth the images.

Traditionally, the Multi-Plex Movie Theaters have been the chosen places where moviegoers enjoy the latest films with a few Cinemas dedicated to classic movies. Lately, however, the movie theaters have become only a teenager’s place to watch the most recent “superhero” movie. There’s little space for other types of films. On top of that, when there’s a serious movie, you have to battle crowds, traffic, parking, lines, crying babies, crowded auditoriums, noisy audiences,etc. By the time you leave, you feel more stressed and tired than when you came in, not to mention the insulting barrage of commercial ads you had to endure before the actual movie, after you paid almost $20 dollars for the experience.

So, what’s the alternative? Let’s get back to our caves. Just like our primitive ancestors, the best place where they enjoyed a good story was, and still is, at home, with our selected few, or by ourselves near a fireplace, in our dedicated cave rooms to watch and learn.


You don’t need a mansion, you don’t need millions. All you need is a room, a decent size screen, good sound and voila…the world is yours, baby! Here are the basics:

1- The Room. This needs to be a four-wall room for acoustic purposes. A bedroom, study room, basement, or garage (as long it has A.C or good ventilation) will do. Also, the space needs to be dark enough so the light doesn’t interfere with the screen light or reflects it. The Living Room can become a good place, although is difficult to keep people from coming and going, and interrupting while you are watching.

2The Screen. “A decent size”: any size of a screen that you don’t have to squint or strain your eyes, any size where you comfortably watch and forget your surroundings. I recommend 40″ up. Everything depends on the size of your room also.

3-The Sound. You need the surround sound you hear in the Multi-Plex (minus the annoying loud popcorn eaters). A good image without the good sound is a completely different animal. Usually it takes one or two speakers for the voices coming from the front center, two more for the side walls, two for the back surround sounds, and one optional for deep bass sounds (subwoofer) you can place anywhere. All these speakers, you can find them with wires or wireless with the amplifier or receiver ( the equipment that decodes the sound from your video source: TV, DVD Player, Streamer). Some rooms and some people use a soundbar to simulate the surrounding experience of the 7 speakers mentioned above. to your ears

Last, but not least: If you love movies, get a good comfortable and firm seat, because after countless hours of enjoyment at your command, you don’t want to end up with an aching back.

Next time: Where do you get your movies from?!