The Beatles Anthology

This 1995 documentary miniseries is the definitive historical account of the most influential rock band of the twentieth century.

John, George, Paul, Ringo, and their producer George Martin among others, take us step by step to the birth of The Beatles, passing through the good and the bad, and arriving at their last collaboration: Free As A Bird. Their story is remarkable: four teenagers from Liverpool, England, who filled their heads with American rock and roll, got together playing their favorite songs, and with hard work, became composers and musicians to envy, capturing the world’s admiration and devotion in the process.

The series show in detail their growth as composers from simple tunes as She Loves You to more complex ones as Eleanor Rigby. We also watch how the band was received in almost every country they went by huge histeric crowds: one of their characteristics still unmatched today by any contemporary artist.

Then came the controversies about religion, drugs and their fiasco in Manila. After being berated by some and growing tired of the endless tours, they emerge with a concept album (never done before at this magnitude): Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,amazing their fellow musicians. When the end begins, after their manager is found dead, they are still able to produce great songs like: The Fool on the Hill and I Am the Walrus.

Prolific and versatile, they could play country, folk, bolero, heavy metal, and even ventured into Indian classical music, besides their rock and roll standards. However, is their playing as shown here, with a cohesion and simplicity of geniuses, that makes us agree when the experts regard them as giants like Beethoven and Mozart. Without realizing it, they divided popular music into before and after them. Almost 50 years after their breakup, there hasn’t been a group of musicians as influential, inspiring and complete as this little great band called The Beatles. This definitive documentary series as told by themselves is priceless for all who love their music. If only someone could put a decent movie or a TV series out there for us and the next generations, and recreate faithfully their story as has been done with Elvis. Until then, this is it.

Courtesy of Apple