Life of Brian

Around the same time when Jesus is born, another baby is sleeping nearby. His name is Brian Cohen. The Three Wise Men mistakenly visit and offer him their gifts, but once they hear his mother speak, they realize they’re in the wrong house. So, they pick up the gifts and go out to find the right manger.

Many years later, Brian (Graham Chapman) is, with his high-pitch-voice controlling mother and other people, trying to hear from a distance The Sermon on the Mount. Jesus is speaking, but there’s a multitude so vast they can barely distinguish what he’s saying. A man near Brian, guessing, tries to repeat Jesus’ words with hilarious interpretations.

This 1979 film by the Monty Python comedians about Brian’s parallel life to Jesus’ is cleverly funny. At first, he joins a group of zealots who call themselves The People’s Front of Judea and hate to be confused with The Judean People’s Front or even worse, The Judean Popular Front. Then while proving his loyalty to their cause by writing on a wall: Romans Go Home! he is caught in the act by a Centurion (John Cleese). The man chastises Brian for the bad Latin grammar and makes him write the phrase perfectly one hundred times! Later on, Brian is next to other prophets who are speaking to their listeners and he is asked to say something. He tries to copy Jesus’s parables with disastrous results. Nevertheless, a crowd begins to follow him, calling him Master and Mesiah and seeing signs in every insignificant action of his. With these situations you will find yourself laughing like a baby.

This is one of the best comedies by the Monty Python five. They played most of the characters (Roman and Jewish) with unapologetic British accents!

A curious note for The Beatles fans: There’s a cameo by George Harrison as one in the crowd being pushed around when people demand healing from Brian. See if you can catch it. Harrison produced the film.

See also by The Monty Python: The Rutles: All You Need is Cash (1978)

One thought on “Life of Brian

  1. Love Monty Python… George helped financed this movie…I believe he was the reason it was made because not many people would finance this because of the subject matter. Awesome movie.


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