CARTA A MI ABUELA...UN CUBANO EN PANAMA 30 de abril de 1981 Querida abuela: Saludos a abuelo, mis tios y a "Dulcinea". Tambien saludame a Los Yoyos. Esta semana no ha sido facil para mis padres. Todo estaba bastante bien hasta ayer lunes cuando fuimos al Consulado de Estados Unidos. La semana pasada estuvimos conociendo … Continue reading PANAMA QUERERTE 2

How to Make the Most of Your Movie Watching

With the availability of movies to be watched anywhere, anytime, come the question of which is the best way to do it. Now, we can watch movies on laptops, tablets, and even our cellphones. We watch on planes, trains, and automobiles; on sea cruises, at parks, you name it. Where there's people, there are movies. … Continue reading How to Make the Most of Your Movie Watching

The Beatles Anthology


This 1995 documentary miniseries is the definitive historical account of the most influential rock band of the twentieth century. John, George, Paul, Ringo, and their producer George Martin among others, take us step by step to the birth of The Beatles, passing through the good and the bad, and arriving at their last collaboration: Free … Continue reading The Beatles Anthology


The following Spanish posts will be alternate to my English ones about movies. They are about my life in Panama. CARTAS A MI ABUELA...UN CUBANO EN PANAMA 23 de abril de 1981 Querida abuela: Llegamos como a las 7. El dia comenzaba a despuntar. Te cuento que en el avion de Iberia venian otros mas … Continue reading PANAMA QUERERTE

The Lost Son of Havana

In 1961, Fidel Castro's government prohibited professional sports from being payed in Cuba. At that time, a young Luis Tiant was the most promising baseball player on the island. He was playing in Mexico when he got the news and decided not to go back to Cuba but pursue a career in the American Baseball … Continue reading The Lost Son of Havana

Life of Brian

Around the same time when Jesus is born, another baby is sleeping nearby. His name is Brian Cohen. The Three Wise Men mistakenly visit and offer him their gifts, but once they hear his mother speak, they realize they're in the wrong house. So, they pick up the gifts and go out to find the … Continue reading Life of Brian


Director Ava Duvernay brings us the story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his collaborators during a specific period in the civil rights struggle. Never told before on film and with an extraordinary cast, the movie's theme is as relevant today as in the 1960s. David Oyelowo takes the difficult role of playing Dr. … Continue reading Selma