“A world without string is chaos.” That was late Rudolf Smunz”s motto. His sons, Ernie (Nathan Lane) and Lars (Lee Evans) have inherited his ancient string factory and an old house whose prior tenant was found suspiciously locked in a trunk in the attic. They don’t pay any attention to that. All they care about is money and the house is not worth much. So, they disregard the property and go on with their lives.

Ernie, the sarcastic older brother, is a successful chef until he is disgraced when an unexpected tiny bug comes out crawling from an old box of Cuban cigars his father left, and jumps into the City Mayor’s dinner. Lars, the younger, refuses to sell the factory and because of this, his wife kicks him out. All of a sudden, the brothers find themselves out in the street on a cold December night with nowhere to stay but the old bequeathed house on top of a hill.

Little do they know that what expects them is a series of misadventures and long hilarious battles against another tiny creature: a smart and resourceful mouse who has claimed the house as his own and dislikes humans.

This witty comedy from 1997, written by Adam Ripkin, directed by Gore Verbinski, and with energetic music by Alan Silvestri is a delightful cinematic experience. Nathan Lane’s timing and delivery of sarcastic observations combined with the contrasting dumb responses by Lee Evans, make this fantastic story worth your time. (Not to miss also Christopher Walken as the Exterminator) You will be reminded of any Tom and Jerry cartoon or any Three Stooges sketch you ever watched; only this time around, there’s a pair of know-it-all who are outsmarted every single time by a little rodent who teaches them a lesson.

See also with Nathan Lane: The Birdcage (1996) Lee Evans: There’s Something About Mary (1998)

DreamWorks Pictures

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