Casualties of War

Based on true events described in a New Yorker magazine article by Daniel Lang in 1969, this film will make you feel anxiety, outrage, anger, relief and doubt. Not a pretty picture, but a necessary one. The story begins at the time of President Nixon's resignation. While riding peacefully on a bus, Ericksson (Michael J. … Continue reading Casualties of War


"A world without string is chaos." That was late Rudolf Smunz"s motto. His sons, Ernie (Nathan Lane) and Lars (Lee Evans) have inherited his ancient string factory and an old house whose prior tenant was found suspiciously locked in a trunk in the attic. They don't pay any attention to that. All they care about … Continue reading Mousehunt

Quest for Fire

How to make a film about primitive humans without falling into misconceptions or ridiculous assumptions? How to make it engagingly entertaining without turn it into a comedy? What language to use if any, where in the world would be shot? All these challenges, director Jean Jacques Annaud and his team faced successfully (in my opinion) … Continue reading Quest for Fire