Are you tired of the same formulaic superhero movies or the shallow comedies shown by mainstream media over and over again? Do you feel disappointed after being misled by a vague description of a movie or a enticing trailer? Have you felt constrained by the social pressure to watch only what is “trending” or a new release? Do you feel the need to watch a well acted and rewarding story no matter when it was filmed? If you answer yes to all of the above, I’m sure you will enjoy OF MOVIES AND LIVES.

My intention with this blog is to share with all the movie lovers who want to watch more intellectually and emotionally engaging films, a wide variety of them. I will include some of my favorite movies, plus miniseries, documentaries, and some comedies. My focus is on those movies which have been overlooked, dismissed or simply forgotten by the general audiences and most of the critics. I will emphasize the story lines, highlight the main themes and writers, and give you a clear menu of what to watch before wasting your time. I’ve included also some pages dedicated to several genres where I list the movies I recommend the most.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved movies. First, I used to watch sword- and- sandal epics like Hercules Unchained, then I began watching more stylized blockbusters like King Kong (1976) and Jaws. Soon, I realized that some movies are more than mere entertainment. They are good for intellectual stimulation and provide a channel to excercise our emotions, a quasi- therapeutic experience.

I invite you to come along on this journey of sharing and experiencing the lives and stories depicted in the greatest of all media: the movies.

14 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Ok try this… in the top left handed corner of your browser….where it says “My Site” and “Reader” click on Reader….then you will see the Search bar… type in hanspostcard
    his posts should start coming up.


  2. You have made a great start! I love your subject matter and the way you describe movies. That is my weak point…I review a few but I’m always afraid of giving away too much. You will do great.


  3. I have to admit the movies I watch are mostly old. Citizen Kane, Lost Horizon, many of the earlier Woody Allen movies, anything by Kubrick etc…
    You are right…movies now are more entertainment…nothing wrong with that but I do want more at times. I also like finding the movies that people missed and are overlooked like you mentioned.


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