This 1970 film, skillfully written and directed by Ken Hughes and starring Richard Harris and Alec Guinness in the principal roles, is a complex historical subject rarely depicted in movies and made clearly detailed for the audience. It's the year 1640. In Cambridge, England, Oliver Cromwell (Richard Harris), a deeply religious Puritan member of Parliament, … Continue reading Cromwell

My Oscars

Before I begin with my movie recommendations, I want to use this opportunity to write something about the upcoming Oscar Awards. Although for many years I've enjoyed this celebration of movies, I've also endured Sunday nights of frustration watching how the Best Movie awards are given away to films of no relevance whatsoever. Sure, entertainment … Continue reading My Oscars


Are you tired of the same formulaic superhero movies or the shallow comedies shown by mainstream media over and over again? Do you feel disappointed after being misled by a vague description of a movie or a enticing trailer? Have you felt constrained by the social pressure to watch only what is "trending" or a … Continue reading Welcome!